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Exhibitor Spotlight: Trendy Tresses

Jul 2019

We got in touch with one of our amazing exhibitor’s Trendy Tresses. Trendy Tresses is a hairline dedicated to providing quality synthetic hair and premium human hair. Their synthetic hair is made from Kanekelon, Toyokalon and Chinese fibers specifically for crochet braiding and braiding hairstyles. 

Check out the interview below,

1. Describe your brand’s ethos in five words?
Challenging conventions, setting the trend.


2. What initially inspired you to start your business?
Lack of hair extensions catering to natural ( curly and kinky ) hair textures market / lack of options for crochet braiding

3. Describe what is unique about your product(s)?
We provide quality hair that matches natural hair textures for crochet braids , wigs and weaves. We also sell both quality synthetic hair and raw human hair


4. Who would star in your brand’s perfect TV ad?
Solange or Janelle monae


5. Which song would be playing in the ad to encapsulate the spirit of your brand?
Solange – don’t touch my hair



6. Who is your brand specifically aimed at?
 Women . But mainly women with curly and kinky hair texture.


7. When your business has made you a millionaire, which country will be top of the dream vaycay list?
Bora Bora


8. What is the worst or most unusual job you’ve ever had and why?
One of my jobs was working in a Call centre after i graduated  – it was boring , repetitive and banal



9. What was your main motivation to be a part of Shades of Beauty LIVE?
A community of other entrepreneurs and like minded people coming together to share their creations and hard work


10. Have you got any exciting plans for your business on the horizon that you’d like to share?
To continue employing people and expand worldwide!