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Exhibitor Spotlight: Curly By Nature

Aug 2019

We got in touch with one of our amazing exhibitor’s Curly By Nature. Curly By Nature is an Award-winning haircare brand that formulates high performing products using traditional artisan methods and the finest naturally derived ingredients proven to benefit the environment in the best possible way whilst nourishing, strengthening and intensely moisturising the scalp, its curls, coils, kinks, and waves!

Check out the interview below,

1. Describe your brand’s ethos in five words?
Educational, Empowering, Prestige, Inclusive and Nurturing


2. What initially inspired you to start your business?
My first inspiration and passion for hair care and craftsmanship came from my mother and grandmother, at the tender age of 14, I landed my first job in a professional hair salon setting based in London. After gaining an additional 18 years and experience at multiple salons, learning the craft, working with hundreds of different curl textures and patterns, after mastering many creative styles and techniques, studying natural product formulation, training as a manager at a renowned London natural hair and loc salon, after studying product formulation and advanced natural hair care product making; I believed that starting something new that would simply celebrate and enhance the beauty and health of curls was not just a natural progression but absolutely necessary.


3. Describe what is unique about your product(s)?
We combine curl care practice and knowledge (art) with product formulating (science) to deliver truly transformational experiences for our community through creating exceptional and quality products, hair care services and personalised customer service.


4. Who would star in your brand’s perfect TV ad?
Honestly, if Aaliyah and Lisa Left Eye Lopez were still physically here we know that they would adore our products and join Issa Rae, Solange and Blue Ivy on our first TV Ad!


5. Which song would be playing in the ad to encapsulate the spirit of your brand?
We love the spirit of the songs Just the way you are by Bruno Mars and Brown Skin Girl by Beyonce Saint Jhn and WizKid – They both exude an uplifting and positive outlook on diversity and self-love – we are so here for it!


6. Who is your brand specifically aimed at?
Health and beauty enthusiasts that value quality, the environment, and convenience!


7. When your business has made you a millionaire, which country will be top of the dream vaycay list?
My attitude is not to wait until I have become a millionaire to travel to wherever I fancy (although the way I do so will probably be frugal)! But, I will live my life regardless and not let anything hold me back – especially just money – I refuse to be controlled by it.


8. What is the worst or most unusual job you’ve ever had and why?
I have enjoyed all of my work experiences but the most unusual was being as RA – Residential Assistant on my university Campus because it really prepared me for motherhood (being woken up at all times of the night!)


9. What was your main motivation to be a part of Shades of Beauty LIVE?
My main motivation to be apart of Shades of Beauty LIVE is to support the ethos of it – which I love and to engage with old and new customers.


10. Have you got any exciting plans for your business on the horizon that you’d like to share?
I will be announcing my plans in due course so be sure to sign up to my mailing list at www.curlybynature.com