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Exhibitor Spotlight: Bouji and Bad

Aug 2019

We got in touch with one of our Lash exhibitor’s Bouji and Bad.

A brand inspired by women (and men) who live by the ethos of  being Bouji and Bad!


Its all about reflecting your status or the status you want to have, living your vision and being unashamedly, unapologetically focused on  being who you are whilst looking seriously….hot/bouji/bad/sexy/superior/sultry…. you decide on the label.


Offering an enviable collection of luxurious Mink, Faux Mink, Silk and Synthetic high impact Lashes with the vision for our clientele to stand out from the crowd.

Check out the interview below,

1. Describe your brand’s ethos in five words?
Be Bouji, BeBad, Be unapologetic!


2. What initially inspired you to start your business?
The sheer love of combining talent with passion for make-up and beauty!  We believe the eyes are window to the soul and tell all so lashes were the obvious place for us to focus!


3. Describe what is unique about your product(s)?
we invest in education to help people use our products to enhance their natural beauty and style!  all our product material are sourced from sustainable cruelty free manufacturers and we test each and every product we develop personally!


4. Who would star in your brand’s perfect TV ad?
Haha, we would as we are our brand! hmm it’s a tough one, as we really target our product at all, from makeup novices to professionals!


5. Which song would be playing in the ad to encapsulate the spirit of your brand?
Haha, it would be a mega mix of Bad & Boujee, I’m every woman, Run the World (Girls) and throw in some Cardi B just because!



6. Who is your brand specifically aimed at?
Just people who enjoy enhancing their natural beauty……hmm and those who appreciate our passion for urban culture and designer gear!


7. When your business has made you a millionaire, which country will be top of the dream vaycay list?
Why wait until we have made millions? life if too short, we love anywhere we can shop, sip cocktails (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and catch some serious sun!


8. What is the worst or most unusual job you’ve ever had and why?
Running this business!  No day is ever the same, it’s a rollercoaster of up’s and downs( more up’s than downs), but it’s great working with besties, making money from our passion and ultimately having fun whilst helping lash lovers worldwide!!

9. What was your main motivation to be a part of Shades of Beauty LIVE?
We were kindly invited to the first event and we loved it!  it really attracts an audience who appreciate our brand and it’s a great place to shop too!


10. Have you got any exciting plans for your business on the horizon that you’d like to share?
Yes, lots of new stuff and fabulous revamp of the products that got us started!